Overcoming Sexual Trauma

What is OST?

A therapeutic programme dedicated to helping young people Overcome Sexual Trauma.


Sexual trauma is a broader term referring to childhood sexual abuse, assault, harassment and child sexual exploitation (CSE). The New Ways OST programme focuses on processing a young person’s trauma, developing healthy relationships and building their resilience.


Viewing the behaviour of a young person through a trauma-informed lens can foster the environment necessary for the young person to move forward and experience post-traumatic growth.


The programme comprises of individual and group intervention, adopting a trauma-informed approach. The home and programme adopts a therapeutic approach to living and focuses on building resilience and reducing shame.


The individual therapy covers personal content, such as trauma exploration. As well as the sensitive therapeutic work, the overall intervention also looks at broader issues such as, the child’s strengths, skills, developing relationships, healthy thinking, positive communication and effective self-management in wider life. The OST individual programme consists of 60 semi-structured therapeutic sessions. The programme is made up of 5 modules, with 12 sessions in each.

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