Assessment and Healing of Complex Trauma

We fully understand that trauma, particularly in early childhood, affects the developing brain, resulting in a range of potential social, emotional, cognitive, behavioural difficulties and changes to the sensory system. These are hard for parents, caregivers and educators to manage.

Complex Trauma can result from:

  • Abuse or Neglect
  • Living with parents/carers struggling with Mental Health or Disabilities
  • Repeated witnessing and enduring of Domestic Abuse

As per research findings, our Therapeutic Holistic Assessment is conducted by a clinically trained professional who understands child development and complex trauma. The assessment includes exploring all areas of the child’s life over a 16-week time frame. This includes our team of Education and Therapy Staff who will also work closely with Carers. The detailed assessment process works to;

  • Assess any potential symptoms, risk behaviours, functional impairments, and developmental concerns.
  • Gather information using a variety of techniques such as non-verbal therapy, clinical interviews, standardised measures, and emotional, social and behavioural observations.
  • Gather information from a variety of perspectives (child, caregivers, teachers, therapist and other providers).
  • Try to make sense of how each traumatic event might have impacted developmental tasks and hindered ongoing development. This is complicated given the number of pervasive and chronic traumatic events a child may have experienced.
  • Staff are trained to understand that trauma reminders can be remembered both in explicit memory and sensorially in the child’s body and emotions.
  • Develop Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioural Therapeutic Recommendations to enable the Healing process.