Therapeutic Education

Therapeutic thinking and understanding are central to the ethos of Compass, which is why we do not simply provide therapy for the child, but an ongoing wrap-around service. We offer bespoke child care packages with therapy at the centre of all we do, to ensure each individual child has the best possible outcome.


This means that our Multi-Disciplinary Therapy Teams span across the services of Residential, Education and Fostering and are able to offer a vast range of therapies and assessments.


As part of Compass’ ongoing development, we are proud to be offering five differentiated therapeutic interventions for children, provided by our in-house Multi-Disciplinary team, and supported by New Ways Safeguarding. The interventions we provide are the following:

  • Assessing & Healing Complex Trauma (AHCT)
  • Children with Learning Disabilities (CWLD)
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma (OCT)
  • Overcoming Sexual Trauma (OST)


Throughout Compass we believe fundamentally that because the visible and invisible effects of complex trauma manifest in so many different, unique and extreme ways. Therefore every child will be given the opportunity for specific and bespoke individual therapeutic interventions at any point that a need arises.

About New Ways Safeguarding


Our innovative OCT and OST therapeutic programmes are provided by New Ways Safeguarding, an organisation dedicated to working with young people who have experienced early-life trauma.


New Ways Safeguarding was established by the leading international forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan and Clinical Director Dr Valerie Sheehan and consists of a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced practitioners. Their industry-leading services have a long history of providing a range of services and their assessment and intervention work is underpinned by the most recent research in the field as well as extensive clinical practice.


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