Thank a Teacher Day 2022 | Compass Schools

To All Compass School Teams: From the Director of Education

Last week was Thank a Teacher Day. We celebrated over on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. Our Director of Education, Rebecca Slayford, shared a message for the wider teams. Not just for one day, but for every day.


“I want to thank you personally for all the amazing and often selfless work that you do day in, and day out for vulnerable children in our schools. I am very privileged to work with fantastic individuals who continually strive for the best opportunities for the children in our schools. I am frequently moved by positive stories, growth, and successes that our pupils experience while they are in our schools and educated by you.


The work you do makes a huge difference to young lives. In our schools, our roles often go way beyond academic teaching as we also try to inspire and influence young people morally and ethically to become the best version of themselves and active members in society. I think the best way to describe the work teachers do is eloquently summarised in the quote below….”


“To me, the sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching” -GEORGE BERNARD SHAW.