At our school, we have implemented a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure that your child receives the utmost quality experience while in our care. Paper copies of each can be obtained upon request.


First Aid Policy 2023-24
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Curriculum Policy (SEMH) 2022-23
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Physical Contact with Children Policy 2023-24
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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023-24
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Attendance & Registration Policy 2023 -24.pdf
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Behaviour for Learning Policy (SEMH) 2023-24.pdf
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Complaints Procedure 2023-24.pdf
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EAL Policy 2023-2024.pdf
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Countering Bullying Policy 2023-24.pdf
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Exclusions Policy 2023-24.pdf
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Health and Safety Policy 2023-24.pdf
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RSE Policy 2023-2024.pdf
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SMSC Policy 2023-2024.pdf
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SEND Policy 2023-2024.pdf
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Whistle – Blowing Policy 2023-24.pdf
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Uniform Policy 2023-2024.pdf
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