Our school ethos aims to create young people who are going to be able to both fulfil their academic potential, and to become resilient, successful and good citizens functioning in a diverse and varied community. To drive our ethos we deliver a curriculum which allows our young people the opportunities to develop and flourish, using the National Curriculum as our starting point.

We split our curriculum delivery into three key areas, knowing that if our pupils can learn to understand their social and emotional needs and manage their own behaviours, learning and self-actualisation is significantly more likely to take place.

We believe in providing quality experiences, both within lessons and through opportunities to develop cultural capital, and the curriculum has been developed with our Behaviour for Learning approach its core, specifically developed to encourage resilience and work ethic.

Core Curriculum

All pupils access a core curriculum which is appropriate to developing their understanding from our baseline assessments. The Core Curriculum subjects are English, Maths, Science, Computing, PSHE and SRE.

We are an exam centre and offer the following accreditation within these subjects:

for English and Maths

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Combined Science

Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 in English and Maths

Entry Level Maths



for PSHE and other vocational subjects



Parallel Core Curriculum

The Parallel Core Curriculum is integral to our aims in developing a children holistically and supporting them with reengagement in education. The Parallel Core Curriculum looks specifically at pupils’ metacognitive and learning skills to develop their overall approach and attitude to school and to society. Here, children can ‘Learn to Learn’, develop their Social-Emotional Learning, hone their Social Skills, and engage in targeted Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) interventions. Experiences that develop a pupil’s Cultural Capital are also cornerstones of the Parallel Core Curriculum such as educational trips, guest speakers and providing novel and exciting real-world, life experiences.

Broader Curriculum

Our broader curriculum includes the delivery of lessons such as History, Geography, the Arts, Food Technology, D&T, Physical Education and languages.

We are currently accredited with the following courses:


BTEC Home Cooking

BTEC Art and Design

BTEC Creative Media



Trinity Arts Award

Community Sports Leaders Award