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Location: Lewes, East Sussex

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Owlswick is located in Kingston, Lewes, East Sussex. It is a mile away from the town of Lewes and 7 miles from the south coast and the vibrant city of Brighton. We offer placements to young people from any part of the country with the majority coming from London and the South East.

Owlswick School provides specialist education and support to young people who have social, emotional, cognitive and sensorial needs or may have been assessed as having a form of Neurodiversity or some form of Complex Trauma. All young people placed with us will have an Education Health Care Plan and may not be able to attend mainstream education at this time. Our aim is to provide a family style home where young people can also receive their education on site. Education is provided by an experienced teaching team who understand the barriers young people face in accessing school and learning when they have difficult and challenging life experiences, coupled with emotional and behavioural issues.

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Head of School

Emma Gunn

“I am really proud to be the Head of School at Owlswick Park. The young people we work with here deserve the best and we strive to provide that. We offer a varied curriculum, ensuring all areas of the curriculum are covered to a high standard. Each pupils timetable is individualised to their needs and their pathway helps them achieve their own personal goals. Our grounds are a highlight of our school and outdoor learning is a fundamental. Please contact me if you would like to visit.”

Part of a Wider Community

Our school is supported by a wider community of Compass Schools which are located across the country.

Our experienced team of Teachers and support staff work tirelessly to ensure the best possible education is provided at all of our schools.

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Why Choose Owlswick?

An amazing outdoor environment

Dedicated staff

Therapeutic input throughout the day

Our Facilities

We love our school and we think you will too! Our school has:

  • Dedicated reading areas
  • Home grown vegetable patch
  • Forest school area
  • Small, well resourced classrooms

We are committed to

developing young people who are responsible, caring and respectful of others, and who have a strong sense of fair-ness and what is ‘right’. We want them to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves and to understand and celebrate diversity and difference.
The school will help our children and young people to develop an inner discipline and will encourage pupils to not just ‘follow the crowd’ – they will make up their own minds and be ready to accept responsibility for what they do. They will grow through making choices and holding to the choices that they have made. They will want to be honest with themselves and with others.

Our Ethos

  • A passion to include everyone
  • A desire to treat everyone equally
  • An ability to respect difference and diversity
  • To celebrate all achievement
  • A commitment to healthy, open and respectful relationships
  • A deep sense of purpose that things can change and be transformed for the better
  • A sense of perseverance to keep going for as long as it take
  • An acceptance that failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success

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