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Compass Schools 2022 GCSE Exams

7 July, 2022

15 Year Old CCS Student T Gets Her Poem Published

21 June, 2022

To All Compass School Teams: From the Director of Education

30 May, 2022

Exam Anxiety Management for Young People

27 May, 2022

Obtaining School PEPs: Additional Guidance

15 March, 2022

‘The Children Love Him’: Diesel the School Dog

8 March, 2022

Safeguarding Children: Training and The Importance

25 February, 2022

50 Things to Do During My Time at School

16 February, 2022

PEP’s (Personal Education Plans) and PEP Meetings

10 January, 2022

Background – what are PEPs and what do they do?   The Personal Education Plan is a very important document, and its creation a very important process. Put simply this is because, due to other factors in their lives, looked after can often children have significantly poorer attainment than other children, or have additional educational Continue Reading

A Holiday Message to Parents and Carers

20 December, 2021

Merry Christmas from Coastal Park School!

15 December, 2021

Compass Education Is a Proud Sponsor of MOVE Charity

23 November, 2021