Ferndearle School – Curriculum

All students who attend Ferndearle are educated in relation to their individual needs. Students are provided with an educational environment which is able to offer full access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. There are specialised social skills programmes undertaken. Our facilities and resources enable us to teach appropriate behaviour. Staff are experienced in managing difficult behaviours and have the skills to offer and maintain a structured behaviour management programme with appropriate use of targets, rewards and when necessary, sanctions.

Our curriculum is appropriately differentiated and presented to meet each students individual special educational needs.

Curriculum statement

Ferndearle School seeks to provide all pupils with exciting opportunities that build confidence, develop skills and promote academic excellence. Our curriculum reflects that vision providing experiences aimed at fully preparing pupils for life in modern Britain by enabling them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Our curriculum design is based on the National Curriculum, whilst retaining the flexibility necessary to respond to the needs of all pupils. The curriculum is constantly under review with current priorities related to increasing personalisation, so that all our pupils experience success, are healthy and safe, and are prepared to achieve economic well-being whilst having opportunities to make a positive contribution to their community.

We believe all our pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges their individual abilities; is relevant to their experience and present needs; is inclusive; has application and value in the world outside the school and enshrines traditional British values. The recognition of pupils as individuals demands approaches to teaching and learning that will engage and enthuse all our young people, including those with special educational needs. Promoting high quality teaching and learning is the school’s highest priority. Information, communication, new media and digital technologies are integral tools of teaching and learning in all curriculum areas.

Our approach to grouping is informed by the needs of our pupils and encompasses, as appropriate, mixed ability grouping as well as grouping by gender and ability. Our broad and balanced curriculum permits pupils to experience, practise and develop a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding.

All pupils will have a comprehensive education that will allow them to develop personal strengths and talents as well as meet new and existing statutory requirements. The curriculum supports learning throughout in the core areas of English, Mathematics and Science.

All pupils also have access to PSHCEE, Art, the Humanities (History, Geography, Religious Education and Philosophy), Physical Education and Food Technology.

We have a Nurture provision for those most vulnerable pupils. Pupils in our Nurture Group follow a broad curriculum but one sharply focussed on accelerating their basic skills.

In Key Stage 4, our strong core entitlement incorporates Physical Education, Religious Education, and PSHCEE as well as English, Mathematics and Science. There are opportunities to provide alternative learning curriculums to engage students that become disaffected with the core curriculum.

Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, our personal development programme focuses upon key issues salient to living in a multi-cultural community, as well as supporting individuals in their learning. This incorporates Careers Education, Work Experience and Enterprise Education.

Throughout, we have a strong commitment to the development of our pupils’ numeracy, literacy, computing and enterprise capabilities. We also provide a range of opportunities across the curriculum to facilitate the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils.