Compass Community children are fabulous and diverse individuals who we are very privileged to teach. Our pupils can come to us at any stage within their educational career, with a wide range of experiences from education both positive and negative.

Many children within our schools have experienced trauma and /or present with anti-social behaviours that require a specialist and therapeutic approach to enable them to re-engage with education and reach their full potential. Our curriculum considers the individual nature and starting points of our pupils, it is ambitious, adapted, designed and developed to support all of our pupils to become lifelong learners.

Our school ethos is to create young people who are going to be able to fulfil both their academic potential and become resilient, successful and good citizens functioning in a diverse and varied community. To drive our ethos we have a curriculum that will best serve our values and allow our young people the opportunities to develop and flourish.

At Compass Community Schools we use the National Curriculum as our starting point. We have chosen to develop our curriculum into key three areas. We know that if our pupils can learn to manage their social and emotional needs and behaviours, learning is significantly more likely to happen.

We believe in providing quality experiences both within lessons and through culture capital opportunities. Our curriculum has been developed with our Behaviour for Learning approach at the heart of our teaching which is designed to encourage resilience and work ethic.

Core Curriculum

All pupils access a core curriculum which is appropriate to developing their understanding from our baseline assessments. The Core Curriculum subjects are English, Maths, Science, Computing, PCSHE and SRE lessons.

Parallel Core Curriculum

The parallel core curriculum is key to our approach to develop a child holistically and to support them with reengagement in education. Within the Parallel Core curriculum we look specifically at a pupils metacognitive and learning skills to try and develop their overall approach to school and society. In these subjects we look at Learn to Learn skills, Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, and targeted Social Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) interventions. Experiences that develop a pupils Culture Capital are important elements of the Parallel Core Curriculum.

Broader Curriculum

Our broader curriculum includes the delivery of lessons such as History, Geography, the Arts, Food Technology, D&T, Physical Education and languages.

For our more information you can read our full Curriculum Offer and Curriculum Policy here.