At Compass Community School South our aim is that every one of our students will have access to a curriculum that is exciting, engaging and relevant to prepare them for the next phase of their learning journey and to prepare young people for transition into adult life. The broad, balanced and dynamic curriculum on offer combines academic and applied subjects which address the learners’ social and emotional learning and develop their personal learning and thinking skills.

Alongside a host of robust academic curriculum areas, subjects including ‘Social Skills’, ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ and ‘Learn-to-Learn’ sit at the heart of what we offer.

We firmly believe that children learn best when they feel safe and their emotional needs are met. Consequently, these forward thinking programmes are delivered within a nurturing environment with progressive teaching methods that promote high levels of pupil engagement and encourage students to take ownership of their education and feel inspired to be lifelong learners.

Understanding the students’ starting points is paramount in ensuring them full access to the curriculum. As such, our entry baseline assessments compliment the data provided by educational bodies, allowing for any gaps in their learning to be recognised and overcome. The high education staff/student ratio allows for small learning groups, regular 1:1 intervention and tuition, and personalised and differentiated learning programmes, meaning that each and every child learns at the right pace for them to maximise their achievement. We use a triangulated methodology between education, care and therapy to provide the children with a strong and informed support approach.

Students are taught according to need and additional SEND or Gifted and Talented provision is provided wherever it is identified. The child’s security and progress is uppermost in our consideration meaning that flexibility and bespoke approaches are central to our ethos.

For our more information you can read our full Curriculum Offer and Curriculum Policy here.