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  • Location: Lancashire

About Our School

Compass Community School Lancashire admits day pupils referred to us through the local authority or parents, and pupils with residential placements in Compass Children’s homes.

Our highly trained and experienced education team work closely with parents, carers, multi-agency professionals, key workers and programme psychologists to holistically support children and young people with a range of challenging behaviours and experiences. We understand that such presentation is often closely linked to a range of SEND, particularly Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and attachment difficulties, and have a relentless drive to achieve the very best possible outcomes for every one of our students.


Andy Hill

“We aim to develop young people who are responsible, caring and respectful of others, and who have a strong sense of fair-ness and what is ‘right’.”

Our Team

Each of our schools has a dedicated and hard working team focused on bringing the best possible education to our pupils, click here to see them.

Our Team

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Motivate | Educate | Inspire

“Compass Community Schools motivate children and young people to engage with education and overcome barriers to learning. Our vision is to inspire learners to make positive life choices and to provide pupils with a therapeutic education which enables them to make the most of their life chances.”