50 Things For Students To Do At School | Compass Schools

At Compass Community Schools we pride ourselves on our diverse curriculum. Our aim is that our students will have access to a curriculum that is exciting, engaging and relevant, preparing them for the next phase of their learning journey and to prepare young people for transition into adult life. The broad, balanced and dynamic curricula on offer at Compass Community Schools combine academic and applied subjects that address the learners’ social and emotional learning and develop their personal learning and thinking skills.
Our things to do list can be adapted to the needs/interests of each of our pupils. We consider this a ‘Pupil Pledge’ what that can really enrich experiences we will provide for pupils in our schools.
During my time at school, I will…

Social Development

1. Dress up for World Book Day
2. Learn how to play a new board game
3. Gain work experience
4. Raise money for charity
5. Learn more about different generations
6. Take part in a vote
7. Participate in a carol service
8. Contribute to a class assembly
9. Take part in Anti-bullying week.

Moral Development

1. Help fight climate change
2. Donate to a local foodbank
3. Take part in a beach clean up
4. Reduce single use plastics in school
5. Promote recycling
6. Visit a court
7. Perform a random act of kindness
8. Write a fable

Physical Development

1. Prepare a healthy meal
2. Learn to swim
3. Go ice skating
4. Participate in Sports Day
5. Learn to ride a bike/pass my cycling proficiency
6. Take part in a school residential overnight
7. Go on an exhibition
8. Try a new sport.

Cultural Development

1. Watch a theatre performance
2. Perform in a play
3. Have a pen pal from a different country
4. Visit an art gallery
5. Celebrate Chinese New Year
6. Learn a new language
7. Play a musical instrument
8. Visit a museum
9. Develop an understanding of UK parliament

Spiritual Development

1. Visit a mosque
2. Participate in a religious festival
3. Visit a Sikh temple
4. Learn more about the different religions within my school
5. Visit a church/cathedral
6. Take part in whole-school cultural days
7. Visit a Jewish synagogue
8. Take part in a collective worship

Personal Development

1. Take part in a careers event
2. Volunteer at a local organisation
3. Participate in World Mental Health Week
4. Practice mindfulness/meditation
5. Develop my understanding of money management
6. Learn basic first aid skills
7. Gain a qualification
8. Visit a college/university