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5 Things to consider before applying to work in a SEN school

As with any career, there are many things you may want to consider when applying for a SEN school job. As you are probably aware, working in a SEN setting will come with its own challenges, and it is important to consider these before you decide that this is the profession you would like to pursue.

It goes without saying that working in a SEN (Special Educational Needs) school is an extremely fulfilling career and the personal rewards you will receive in this profession are never ending, but you also need to be realistic before applying for a role such as this. Although it is not our intention to put you off this career path in anyway, we would rather be realistic and honest with you, to prevent any surprises along the way.

So, what should you consider before applying to work in a SEN school?


SEN school jobs require resilience

The number of children and young people in need of specialised education has risen in 2021. In 2020, the number of pupils considered SEN was 3.1% lower than that of this year – so the demand for SEN schools has increased quite drastically in a relatively short period of time. As a result of this, the demands in SEN school jobs have  .

As with many school jobs, stress is unavoidable. However, this is particularly relevant when working within a SEN school. No matter how patient or dedicated you are to your role – you will not be able to avoid the challenges that come with the job. Students who are considered SEN, quite often require more attention than students in a mainstream setting; they will need more support to progress and reach their full potential, which makes the role all the more rewarding!


It can feel challenging at times  

Along with it generally being quite a stressful profession, it can also feel like an uphill battle at times. If you plan to work in a SEN setting, you will have to have a lot of patience and commitment. There will be times when you feel frustrated, as some of the children you will work with may not grasp certain concepts quickly. But however difficult these days are, it is important to embrace the challenges – because it is all worth it.


You will have fun

Although the role can be very demanding, there are plenty of positives to consider too. How many jobs allow you to have fun and allow you to see the impact you are having on young people’s lives every single day?


The rewards are never ending

As with many professions, the rewards that come with working within a SEN setting are vast – but unlike any other profession, they may be never ending. Not only are you impacting the lives of the young people you will be working with, but their family and friends too. You will be leaving a lasting impact on their lives for years to come and be helping them to set up a positive and fulfilling future for themselves.


You will be able to witness the impact you’re making every day

When you work in an SEN setting, you will be faced with challenges daily. With these challenges, however, you will also be able to see the impact you are making on each individual child’s life. Very few jobs offer you to experience, first-hand, the difference you are making. Although, at times, it might be tough, the rewards are never ending.


As we have said, no two days are the same when working in an SEN setting. You will need to be prepared to adapt and change sometimes with short notice, depending on the situation at hand. As with any role, working in a SEN school will have its challenges. But the positives cannot be overlooked, especially with such an important role.

The roles someone can undertake within an SEN setting are extremely varied and, depending on your experience, there will be more than one role for you to choose from. Some roles (such as a SEN teacher) will require certain qualifications for you to be able to apply –  but this isn’t to say this isn’t achievable.

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