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15 Year Old CCS Student, T  Gets Her Poem Published

Here at Compass Community Schools, we are incredibly proud of the talented students we get to educate and spend our time with. Sometimes these young people can teach us as much as we teach them, and we are truly honoured to help them access the education that they deserve.
Our Compass Schools are holistic places of education, meaning we help our students overcome any barriers to learning that they may have. We want to create a positive association for school with them, striving to inspire and create real change in their learning.
Compass Community Schools are really special environments, we support complex children who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood experiences.
One of our amazing pupils has just received her own copy of the book in which her poem has been published. We are exceptionally proud and have ordered more copies so we can share them with everyone in our Compass Community!

The Struggles of Life as a Teenager


You’ve got a voice, so don’t you dare stay silent

Make some noise and remember it’s a choice

What you choose to do will shape how fast you move or even if you lose

So, stop wasting your time because time is all we got,

Because once you lose time, it’s gone and there is nothing more


Us kids of these days are not okay, are in so much pain

We feel shame of the past and we show that in our scars

The scars buried deep within us, on our arms

Our chests, our stomachs, thighs, and under our collars


Is it sane that so many of us have already died in vain?

The thoughts to end it all deep inside our brains, and why?

you adults ask

Because we feel like no one can mend it


And though we don’t share the same blood

You’re my sister and I love you that’s the truth

Sisters at heart.

I laid next to you while you cried and I told you it would be alright

But where are you now? You’re forever gone,

Dancing in the sky while we all mourn

Here on earth we all cry and why? Because it wasn’t your time

But it’s the bad people who made you die

They lied to you,

You’re amazing,

It’s just sad you didn’t realise

But now we are all in pain and it’s a shame the people who hurt you made you die in vain

but RIP because I’m glad you no longer feel the shame you felt, what they put on you, now rest in eternity

I hope to see you soon


So many of us feel the need to hurt us, but do you know why?

You don’t want to because the reasons are unheard of


They made you want to die

So now it’s time to rest

Remember to rest easy

For you will always be the best


It’s all so sad, we are all lost at heart

The words deep inside of us now shape who we become

But only once you’re dead,

We will know what’s really gone


Dreams I’ve got dreams, but now let’s be real


Will we ever achieve our dreams? Well let’s just wait and see and only if we stop the greed

Think about us and also about others

For only if we stop hurting us and stop popping dots

Only then we will realise

We are enough to keep


So, when we all get to the end of the road and some of us get old

We will know if life was really

What we all got told.


TI (15)
Compass Community School: AP